Microsoft DevDays 2010 – Day 1

Today was the first day of the Microsoft DevDays 2010, a two day conference I try to attend every year. This year was no different than other years and I got myself a ticket to visit The Hague and see many presentations crammed with (new) information about the upcoming releases, code insights, power trainings and much, much more…

I have seen so much and want to share you a lot, which doesn’t all fit into one blog entry. So I decided to make several blog posts: for each presentation one, and link them from this combined blog. It is so much I don’t expect you to read it all in one breath, but be sure to read all about the great things that will come in the near future.

The key note this year was by none other than Anders Hejlsberg. That was a very promising start and a very clear note on the main theme this year. The DevDays 2010 where titled: “Change the Rules”, and today (and tomorrow) was all about how the new release of the .NET Framework is going to change the rules on how we program.

Keynote by Anders Hejlsberg

The keynote by Anders Hejlsberg was about programming languages and what else could it be. He spoke a bit about the evolution of programming languages and on what the trends nowadays are. He noted that if we’d asked him 10 years ago what he would see as the future for programming languages he would have probably said that we would be programming visually, or maybe even just by speaking to computers, but today shows differently. He said he has learned that “a line of code says more than 10.000 pictures” and that if we’d ask him the same question now he would probably say that in ten years time we will still code with words.

After the history tour he came to today and the three different trends that are nowadays clearly visible. Namely: Declarative, Dynamic and Concurrency. Just to give you an idea about these trends:

  • Declarative languages are for example DSL’s and functional languages.
  • Dynamic languages are for example IronPython and IronRuby.
    They are succinct languages, implicitly typed, very heavy on meta-programming and don’t compile their code.
  • Concurrency is off course the utilization of multiple CPU’s in our code. For example the parallel extensions, which we will see in .NET 4.0.


The programming languages that will survive in future according to Anders are the languages implementing all these trends. Multi paradigm languages are the future!

“What’s Hot in ASP.NET 4.0” by Gill Cleeren

The first (or second if you count the keynote as the first) presentation I followed that day was by Gill Cleeren about ASP.NET 4.0. He started off by showing us what ASP.NET encapsulates according to him and the things he was going to cover and what not. He said ASP.NET covered: Web Forms, AJAX, MVC.NET, Dynamic Data and that he would only cover the first and the last. So first about what’s new in the world of Web Forms.
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“The .NET 4 Task Parallel Library (TPL)” by Henk Holterman

The next presentation I went to was about parallel programming. This was a Power Training and thus crammed with code, but first off Henk started to talk to us about the why. Why should we use parallel programming and why is it so important nowadays to think about it.
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“C# 4.0 and beyond” by Anders Hejlsberg

Anders Hejlsberg also gave a presentation today and that was about the new release of C#, namely 4.0. Again Anders started with a bit of history, but now about the evolution of C#. Followed by how C# follows the new trends and how they implement it in the next version.

C# 4.0 will get the following new features:

  • Dynamically Typed Objects
  • Optional and Named Parameters
  • Improved COM Interoperability
  • Co- and Contra-Variance


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“ASP.NET MVC 2: Ninja Black Belt Tips” by Scott Hanselman

The last presentation I been to was, thankfully, a light presentation. It was a long day and I learned a lot already and another one of those sessions just would be too much. Scott brought his presentation wonderfully for this.
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A very successful day, heard a lot of great stuff and am hoping tomorrow will be equally great.

Microsoft DevDays 2010