Instant Messaging hyperlinks on your webpage

It is possible to add instant messenger tasks to your webpage by using special links that enable you to do these tasks: like adding poeple or starting a chat. While it can be daunting to find all the possible options, using them is easy. Just as an easy reference I cataloged them here for you and even made a simple (HTML helper) extension for your MVC.NET website to easily use them.

MSN (Live Messenger)

<a href=”msnim:chat?contact=USERNAME”>Chat with me</a>
<a href=”msnim:add?contact=USERNAME”>Add me to your contact list!</a>
<a href=”msnim:voice?contact=USERNAME”>Voice chat with me</a>
<a href=”msnim:video?contact=USERNAME”>Video conversation with me</a>


<a href=”gtalk:chat?jid=USERNAME”>Contact me via Google Talk</a>
<a href=”gtalk:call?jid=USERNAME”>Voice Chat with me</a>

Yahoo! Messenger

<a href=”ymsgr:sendIM?USERNAME”>Contact me via yahoo</a>
<a href=”ymsgr:addfriend?USERNAME”>Add me to buddy list</a>
<a href=”ymsgr:sendIM?USERNAME&m=YOUR+MESSAGE”>Send me an IM</a>
<a href=”ymsgr:call?USERNAME”>Call Me</a>


<a href="">
Add me to your buddy list</a>


<a href=”aim:goIM?screenname=USERNAME”>Contact me via aim</a>
<a href=”aim:goim?screenname=USERNAME&message=MESSAGE”>Chat in aim</a>
<a href=”aim:getfile?screenname=USERNAME”>Get Shared Files</a>


<a href=”skype:USERNAME?chat”>Contact me via Skype</a>
<a href=”skype:USERNAME?voicemail”>Leave voicemail</a>
<a href=”skype:USERNAME?userinfo”>View Profile</a>
<a href=”skype:USERNAME?add”>Add 2 Contact List</a>


Get yourself an example off all these in a MVC.NET Html Helper extension: (299.54 kb).