Hello World... again...

I haven't blogged for so long I feel like I should reintroduce myself. I won't though, if you are interested in it search for the first post. It's been almost a year now since my last article and for those that thought I stopped blogging: so did I! I have time again though and feel like picking up blogging again.

First to explain why I stopped: Last year was a very busy year for me. My wife had a hernia (has maybe, I don't believe they ever really leave) and that gave some extra pressure on the family, especially since our second born wasn't that old yet. The hernia actually started before my second daughter was born, but really kicked in at her birth. After approximately seven months my wife's hernia was "under control". But that didn't make our life really quieter, since we almost had to move into our new house we bought (a newsly built house) and we had to arrange a lot of work for that, before and after the house was delivered.

Now a few months later I started a new job! I feel good again and want to work and experiment with code and I want to share it again with the world again... so yet again I will start to blog!

I started the first of April (no joke) at Getronics Consulting and I am liking it here. From day two I can finally work with SharePoint, what I wanted to do for a very long time, but never have gotten chance too, and I am in a new project. I have great colleages (you never know if they will read this) and I am hungry again... hungry to work, to do projects, to learn... and to share!

I hope you will like what I will write and what I will share on this new blog (yes I am using new software) and will follow me again.

Erwin "Sinedia" de Ruiter